Long Hoops

Long Hoops - student project

You can also use rectangular wire to make great hoop earrings very quickly! Here I'm using 4cm lengths of 0.8mm by 6mm wire. I'm going to texture them using a rolling mill and so I'm annealing them first to soften the metal slightly to get the best texture possible.

Long Hoops - image 1 - student project

I'm using my own laser engraved texture sheets to emboss a pattern into the silver wire. Sending the card and silver through tight rollers on the rolling mill will force the metal into the lower engraved areas on the card, embossing the metal. The curve is formed naturally by sending the metal through the tight rollers, but the wire would be easy to flatten if you wanted to.

Long Hoops - image 2 - student project

A 0.9mm hole needs to be drilled at each end of the rectangles, and I've also smoothed out the ends of the rectangles with a needle file. The earwires are formed using the same method in the video. If you have trouble working out exactly where to trim off the wire try this trick - hold the wire so that the U shape is central and even with the excess wire going down the back of the hoop. Use a sharpie to mark wire the wire crosses over the top of the hoop. Trim the wire 5mm past that mark and then bend the wire to finish the earrings. If you need to cut a little more off the earwires when you are finishing off then you can do so.

Long Hoops - image 3 - student project

One finished pair of silver hoop earrings!

Long Hoops - image 4 - student project

Joanne Tinley

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