Live Paint is Awesome!

Live Paint is Awesome!   - student project

Wow, did I ever love this class!  This is the kind of stuff I've been dreaming of doing in Illustrator, and until now, I'd been endlessly frustrated trying to figure it out! 

I'm so delighted to learn how to join 2 ends of paths that aren't joining - that was a profound thing for me! 

And then learning how to use Live Paint.  I never knew you had to "make" a live paint object.  No wonder I couldn't get that to work. 

Learning to offset the colors was just an added bonus that I never even knew was possible. 

I had so much fun drawing the little "Bug" that I decided to try one of my own drawings. 

This is the original that I worked from:

I drew in in Ilustrator using the pencil tool, then did added the coloring and the paint brush effect.

Then I decided that he should be driving the buggy in a leafy green setting! 

(Which I did in Photoshop) 

I had so much fun with this class and learned techniques that I'll be using a lot from now on!