Live Corners, What!

Live Corners, What! - student project

So ever since Adobe introduced the live corners feature I was like, "No Adobe, I already have a process for that. I will use my circles and round my corners the old fashion way, like a man." Boy was I waisting so much time! For some reason I never noticed the live corners option pop up on every shape until this class (I guess I was so against using them that I ignored them). 

Let's just say that all of these tricks are going to, and already have, speed up my work! I had some kind of crazy round about way to do each of these tricks, So thank you DKNG for posting this class!

Now for the project:

So my parents bought a river house in Bandera, Texas (it is a small town everyone should visit), and in this town there are a lot of old cars. Driving one day in Bandera an old car with bumper stickers all over it really inspired me. "Hey, maybe I should make a poster series for each state and have a different car for each state with bumper stickers representing the feel of that state." (Used the word "State" a lot) Anyway, the "Road Trip" poster series was born.

I began the Series with Colorado, now I did this before taking the class, so I used all of my old was to create it, but when it came to making the Texas poster, I used those live corners like nobody's business.

I began with the sketch.

It started out as just Austin, but I decided to change it to Texas for a larger appeal. 

After the sketch came the final. (It took some work, the final didn't just come right after the sketch)

Closer look

Hope y'all like it!

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