Lift off

Lift off - student project

Well there's one goal very clear in my mind for the next 12 months and that is to quit my dayjob. I'm dreaming about starting my days in solitude and start working on all the creations that are lined up in my mind. Make that income as passive as possible and be fully available to grow and grow and grow.

Now that I have come to think about this, I have wondered why this hasn't happened before. One of the to do's for January was 'starting the morning routine' (you know, the Miracle Morning method) BUT I KEEP SNOOZING! So one of the main changes in order to achieve this goal is to stop snoozing. Not just in the morning, but in my overall life I guess. Any tips on that?

So January is for:
- getting the Etsy shops back into business
- brainstorm about pattern collections, revisit them
- make examples of commissioned artwork - to attract only the dream clients :)

- make the downloads spic and span!
- find ways of advertising for them

- complete the pattern collections
- finish the online and printed portfolio
- dive into the theoretics of -licensing-

- find pattern clients
- and contact them!