Let’s make books!

Let’s make books! - student project

Nice class! I had never made a book like the one where you cut a slit in the middle on one page  and 2 on the extremities of the other and pass one page through the other. It has a lot of possibilities! I made 3 models of the 5 you demonstrated. I'll have to get some rings to do the watercolour one. After I made the books I decided to make covers for them. The tall one on the left is the one I just described. The orange one the right is the one with staples and I used squared paper for that one. The tall skinny one was Lso stapled and I'll use it  to make lists of things to do. I also added covers and a string to the accordian one and wrote lists of things I appreciate. Thank you, this class was great fun and I really appreciated it.