Kaleidoscopes for Lunch

Kaleidoscopes for Lunch - student project

What a fun class!  I could make kaleidoscopes all day - and I actually kind of did just that! 

I used a photo I had of some flowers to create the first kaleidoscope technique. 

Then I used some of my own artwork to create the smart object kaleidoscopes.  I just had to make them into patterns & print them!

And then I made some decoupaged boxes with my new designs!  (Because I took the decoupage class here on Skillshare -  by Colo Alonso!) 

This was such an awesome class. The instructions were detailed, but very clear and well-explained.  I had so much fun making kaleidoscopes. I'm so thrilled to now have a "template" with the smart object one so I can just play and play!