Julia Henze Provence Urban Sketch - Miki's Project with Inktense Blocks

Julia Henze Provence Urban Sketch - Miki's Project with Inktense Blocks - student project

This 2024.3.14 is just the thumbnail phase. Since here the composition is basically determined by the photo itself, as Julia explained, I was experimenting with the colors and techniques. Since here I used Derwent Inktense blocks and pencils for this thumbnail, instead of mixing I applied layering, which is really effective with Inktense, since it doest resolve back after dry. Darker colors are easy to layer on top of lighter colors. Even the white block could be used to make paler version of the a layer color. With thumbnailing, at least here, I was experimenting with the material, techniques and the theme to warm up for the finel piece. 

2024.3.14 I have completed the project and here are the phase photos:

Outline sketch with the (no-soluble) graphite Outliner pencil from the Inktense 32 pencil box

Then the wet on wet background was with a "lot" of water. Despite the paper was expensive 100% cotton Hahnemühle 300 gsm, the ink didn't dispersed around as Julia Henze's watercolor. Hmm, maybe this is a vcharacteristics of  Inktense? [Update: 2024.3.16 It is absolutely doable, I should have used a lot more water, so it was my lack of experience]

The next stage was the application of colors. Interestingly, however I love Inktense and watercolor (pencils), their color not as punchy as gouache or oil pastel, but that is another story.

The next phase was the outliner work with my Platinum carbon ink pen.

 And here is the final piece:

I used Inktense pencils here instead of my abundant collection of color pencils and watercolor paint sets. The class was fantastic, I need a lot of practice to add relaxed, easy style to my artwork, and Julia Henze is an excellent teacher in that direction. As for the result, I am quite happy with it, but somehow I am still missing the punch of oil pastel or gouache colors.  

[Update 2024.3.16 as for achieving looseness in my process? I think I have to go a long way: There is an enormous difference between achieving an elegant "loose" (whatever it be) piece of artwork and something that has the feeling of unaccomplished and crappily made. Julia, she is a talented artist, she can achieve whatever she wants, easy for her]. 

Just experimenting with art materials