Inspiration: Lettering in Childen's Books and Cartoons

Inspiration: Lettering in Childen's Books and Cartoons - student project

I was very excited to hear about this class because I love Louise's work. When I saw her work for the first time I asked myself "How does she do this?" as it was very different from what was around. Exquisite. So thank you! It was a pleasure to hear from a clever professional and to look at a beautiful lady at the same time.

My project is about my latest big inspiration: children's books. I enjoy both images and lettering. For me lettering in a children's book is an essential. It shows that designer cares. It also generates more interest and that's important because babies are not born book lovers :) And they'll have to learn letters, so why not to make recognizing letters a game? So I've found my personal formula: there's no good childrens' book without lettering :)

As for the imagery I personally love expressive illustrations, with raw and informal look. Something that relates to Picasso's "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child". One has to work hard to achieve this admirable level of freedom, though.

Let me show you some beautiful pages. Some are from our home library, and some really vintage Soviet reprints are from local library. Text is in Russian, images are clickable.



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Lettering in cartoons is often wonderful too.

Here's the title of The cat and the fox tale animation from Mountain of Gems series created by Pilot studio.


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/to be continued/

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