Ink and Wash newbie...

Ink and Wash newbie... - student project

I didn't have all the materials that Ron presented in the course, like the "precious" cobalt blue, the alizerin red, or the amber (I had some ambers, but not as grayish as the ones in the video), etc, etc.

But I took a brush, some ink and tried to make my drawing as closed as the one he showed in the video. 

I messed up a bit with the trees, but I guess I'll need a caligraphy pen and a little more paractice to make those traces better.

After the ink dryed, I started with the big brush I have to put water on the area. The end result was this one here:

I have mixed feelings about the result, it looks good some times, and not that good others ... If I look closer, I can see my struggles and doubts while making it, but if I put it a bit far, it looks kind of nice.

I will keep practicing the technique, make some more sketches from what I see around and give them some color, to find out the results...

Thanks ron for sharing the technique!