I love yarn!

I love yarn! - student project


Project Title: My business helps _knitters, crocheters, rug hookers, and weavers____ do __their crafts with quality, responsible, supplies on a budget___.

Project Content:

Hey everyone, 

My name is __Lacie____ and I started a business in May of 17 that helps ___knitters, crocheters, rug hookers and weavers______ do __their crafts with quality, responsible, supplies on a budget_____. 

I started this business because I am a shepherdess living on the coast of Maine who loves all things wool and yarn. My favorite woolen mill contacted me and asked if I would become their US distributor and so I have been building a business and also homeschooling my kids and working on my parent's farm.________. (tell us where you got the idea or inspiration. 

Working on my business plan will help me _ORGANIZE!!! I feel confused about the direction my business is moving sometimes and have a huge time management problem. ______ (let us know the area you are most excited about digging into in your business)