I did it!

I did it! - student project

I've always wanted to learn how to solve the Rubik's cube and now I have. I learnt along with my 6 year old son. The instructions are really really clear. I tried many youtube tutorials before finally finding this one. The way you have explained it makes it so logical and simple to do. And the best is how slowly and clearly you move the cube.

I am a Montessori teacher and we think a great deal about analysing our movements to bring maximum clarity for the children to see what exactly we are doing. And that's what you have done with the cube. Thank you so much! I've used this sad COVID time to achieve a life long dream. And the best is how smart it makes me feel. That I am intelligent and capable. Thank you for that!

And btw my son loves it too. He can solve up to the first two layers by himself, but for the yellow plus onwards he needs to refer to the sheet. But we try over and over and again. As soon as we complete it, we mix it up and start again. That by itself is a valuable lesson for us both: to not get frustrated but to just persevere until we get it. 

Thank you once again.