Hyacinth - student project


I kept exploring the other flowers as well and this is what I came up with. The tulips at the top are on hot press paper - the colors do not mix the same way as on cold press paper.

For the other tulips, I overworked them and lost all the whites :(. I like the daffodil, but I am not sure about the background. My favorite is the flower with the bird. I think it is cute and it could make a nice greeting card or something of that sort. 


Here is my take on the hyacinth. I used a photo from the net as inspiration.

The first one - I used glass dip pen with Noodlers purple ink and sketched the flower in 3 min (timed!). I wanted to do a wet-in-wet flower, but the paper is not great so I ended up with the pink halo around the flower. I like how the leaves came out in this one. The details on the flower are only hinted - and I like that. Next time though, I would maybe add more texture with the brush on the left side - petals etc. And no halo! The bulb has almost more interest than the flower because of the colors I used - not a great combo for this purpose.

For the second one, I used the glass pen again but I applied the color wet on dry.  It came out better I think, but I still like the leaves in the first one more. I like how the blue goes around the flower, but I could have had a bit more value variation. Also changed the colors for the bulb to make it more neutral and less flashy.

For the third flower I used the Fude pen and a continuous line to sketch the flower. Here I think I need just a touch of alizarin in the lighter part of the flower - for variation. I like the blue flowersand also the bulb is more neutral. 

I think I'd like to try 1 and 3 on good paper to see the difference. 

I enjoyed the class. Thanks Irina!