Holiday Cookies Packaging

Holiday Cookies Packaging - student project

I've been so excited for this class and love the vintage style, whether it be from the 30s, 50s, etc. For this project, I wanted to make something that would actually be put to use, if only in a small way. I decided to create a box top (or large label) for my mom's holiday cookies, which have become a highly anticipated tradition over the years. (EVERYONE looks forward to these suckers!) 

Here is my initial "project brief" where I came up with the general info for the package:

Moodboards: This is a mixture of things I found in books (the book "Shadow Type" has lots of vintage inspiration), Pinterest, eBay, and antique stores. 

After sketching out the elements I liked from my mood boards, I started to create thumbnails. (They're really messy, but I'm just trying to think about layout.)

Here are the first two. I'm giving my eyes (and mind) a break and then will create more.:

Here are three more thumbnails. Now comes the hard part: decisions! There are things I like and dislike about each of my thumbnails, so I'm going to take notes on those and then perhaps create a version that incorporates the things I like from each of them (where practical).

After reviewing and critiquing my thumbnails, I decided that I liked the look of the version with the big banners the best. There were things I wanted to improve on it, however. I ended up re-doing it, keeping the banners but making the brand name bigger and removing the bottom text to simplify and make room for the larger brand/logo.

Here is the final sketch:


Finally time for digitizing! I did some minor clean-up on the inked drawings in Photoshop and then brought the pieces into Illustrator. I did a good amount of tweaking on a small scale and finally started playing with colors. I wanted fun, vibrant colors that kept with the holiday theme.

Digitized and colored (no texture yet):

Here, I added some really subtle texture:

Finally, I printed it out and slapped it on the box :-) : 

Digital Ninja