Hello, Artkrittique

Hello, Artkrittique - student project

Mimi, I cannot thank you enough for this class!!!

Making a website had been on my bucket list for 2020 and I finally figured it was time to get around to it after watching your class! You broke it down so well.

I recently started learning Shopify after I joined my friend's team as the Design head. While I knew the basic workings of the platform, I had zero confidence- for example he recently wanted to create a new tab in the navigation menu and I was just like this seems like something that would involve hours of coding.

After you class, I finally puttered around on his website and made tons of changes (https://klome.in/) but coming to the star of my show- Artkrittique


I think one of my biggest reasons for wanting to build this website was to have a cohesive place with everything I do in one place- till now I used to only share my Behance and Instagram. I also wanted to start blogging but was always deterred from the idea of making a blog on Squarespace but well hello, Shopify just solved that!

Da Da Dum- Here's the website: https://artkrittique.com/

I actually went ahead with a different theme than the one you selected. While I like what I've built here, I can see the shortcomings of the theme.

I think one thing I would like to add to the theme is an option for a colored background in the sections. I absolutely love how for https://www.mimochai.com/ you have added colors to all sections and broken the hierarchy. 

I think another thing I kind of dislike is that the prices suddenly turn up in bold. This is a problem because now I cannot make my heading font bold since this whole section suddenly looks crazy big and salesy.

One thing I LOVE is the option to add a contact for, something I had been wanting to do so that potential clients could reach out.

Some of my favorite references:

https://www.gunpowderandghee.com/ for the way they have put together their services

Your website

https://bydylanm.com/teaching for the way she covers her teaching section and consistent branding

https://riflepaperco.com/ have killer top banners!!

(( will keep updating this list))


My major goals for the next two weeks is to slowly start curating my projects and create separate landing pages for my client work, my classes and for general news (perhaps news and teaching can be combined later) and to figure out the navigation menus for all of these. More than anything, I want to utilize the coming months to build a balanced structure that focuses between my personal work (AKA merch, teaching etc.) and my client oriented work. Shopify India unfortunately only has a 14 day free trial version so trying to make the most of it :(

Here is my detailed plan I made using your template:

Once again, thank you for the wonderful class!

Graphic Designer