Heart of Noise Violin

Heart of Noise Violin - student project

Heart of Noise Violin - image 1 - student project

When I started to put this class together, I wanted to find something meaningful to say with the piece I'd be working on as a demonstration. While preparing the class, I came across a quote from the composer George Gershwin, stating that there is "music in the heart of noise." Finding inspiration in unexpected places has been something that I have been considering recently, and this quote spoke to me. 

Heart of Noise Violin - image 2 - student project

I began with rough sketches in various sizes to work out the composition in relation to the shape of the object I'm using. Then I went ahead and after prepping my surface, I started lettering the quote on the violin.

Heart of Noise Violin - image 3 - student project

Heart of Noise Violin - image 4 - student project

Eventually it was completed, and I took the opportunity to snap a couple of photos! 

Heart of Noise Violin - image 5 - student project

Watch the class for the full process and more information on creating your own piece of hand-lettered art!

Joseph Alessio

Typographic Illustrator / Image Maker / Animator