HardCover Coptics - successful single and dubious double!

HardCover Coptics - successful single and dubious double! - student project

I'm absolutely in love with book board and making hard covers.  This was my second attempt at a single needle, but the first one I made, the cord I used was too thin, and I need to re-bind it once I get some heavier cord in the right color. The beautiful stitching just needs more emphasis, and this thin cord just did not want to lock well, despite being waxed.  

The green book, however, worked like a dream.  The scrapbook paper that I covered it in was a favorite, so I choose to use it for both the outside covers and the glue-ins.  I then found some coordinating printer paper to add accent pages around several of the signatures. This is something that a bookmaker friend does that I always find really attractive (and Hilke used varying colors in one of her softcover examples that I loved).  

This was about the 4th book I worked on this weekend, and felt like I was really getting my stitching and tension right, as it laid flat upon completion, whereas several others, the cover wanted to pop open.  Learning to work with it on the table as in the video (rather than holding it up in the air in front of my nose) really helped this too.


I also tried the double needle coptic technique, but here I think i need some more work, and also to use the thicker cord.  

Here is what I tried in that style:

I love the cover (this one is just fabric directly glued onto book board - i made it before I knew what book cloth was), and tiny signatures made from scraps of printer paper.  

It is tiny and adorable - Coffee mug for scale:

What is harder to see is that everything is loose - again, I think this cord is not useful, so I will cut this apart and re-stitch is, but I also may not have done the double needle technique correctly, so lots still to learn!

I LOVE the tiny book idea though - there may be many more of these with my off-cuts and tiny scraps of fabric!

Thank you Hilke - I spent all weekend with your tutorials, and loved them.