Happy learning more about watercolors

Happy learning more about watercolors - student project

Hello Again! 07-26-2016

I did my project, but not really happy about it. I am thinking about what else can I do to make it prettier.

The dark gray in the tail was a totally mistake but couldn't erase it.

I don't know if it would be better if I use a little of MICRON pens to end it.

Hello Ana!

Great class! I am really enjoing it so far. Two monthes ago I did the owls from the project picture with watercolors and were just horrible, so then with a lot of patience and a pair of MICRON I finally liked it. Now I will try to do with your class something like this without using as much MICRON as I did with the owls.

I watched the videos except the final project with my daughter and made some practice. This is how much I did so far.

well I will have to wait for another spare of time to end the class.


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