Go Go Mad Plaid

Go Go Mad Plaid - student project

I found this image on WGSN and knew it was what I wanted to recreate for this class. And now, thank you Helen, I have fallen down the Rabbit Hole and I love where it took me.

My interpretation:

Colorways...so hard to stop coloring away...

I really loved your class, Helen, and also happened upon two other tutorials online that had some steps that I thought yielded merits. One was to make the top layer of the original file (the diagonal pieces) as a 50% Multiply blend and then to also create an additional  third layer on top in black as an Effect Gallery>Film Grain>10% Hard Light which gave the plaid a very real look of fabric.

I had envisioned this "patterned plaid" using my Thistle pattern design in various scales on individual stripes. I'm really happy with it but would love feedback.