Gift card (wip)

Gift card (wip) - student project


I'm Ve Le Sage, from São Paulo, Brazil.

This is my first attempt. I'm using Nina’s sketch to practise the techniques while I’m still developing my own sketch to try it again. I had a lot of fun so far and I cannot wait so see every video and try it all.

The first four illustrations techniques:

Illustration technique number 1 and 2:

I'm really surprised of the effects we can achieve with these two first techniques. I do not have all colors that Nina used so, I had to replace some of them.

My favorite one of them. Now, i can finally say that I love using colored pencils. Thanks, Nina!

Illustration technique number 3 and 4:

I realized that is really difficult to be spontaneous while trying the techninque number 3, but I enjoyed doing it.

My favorite one of them. I think that the combination between pencil and watercolors is really delicate and harmonious with the subject. So, for now, I decided not using the ink pen. 

That's all for now. I'll continue trying these techniques and finish the class. I can say that these exercises are really rich in information and pleasurable. I hope to post more soon.


Illustration technique number 5 and 6:

I really enjoyed trying both! I did the number 5 and really enjoyed to apply the hatching technique for the face. I loved to paint the background with the colored pencil layers, it gave depth to the image.

The watercolor part of the number 6 was tricky and I made many mistakes but the colored pencils helped me to hide some of them. I didn't put enough water to paint the background and we can see the brush strokes. So, I tried to hide part of it with white acrylic paint. 

Illustration technique number 7 and 8:

I love to paint this two using the techniques that Nina teach us. I'll probably try this two techniques again because they are more delicate and look more spontaneous. I didn't allowed myself to correct the mistakes and I think that I prefer like that.

I can say that I have learnt a lot with this class. I love watercolors but I use only cold press paper. I didn't know how to use hot press paper correctly and now I can say that I'm beginning. Thank you very much, Nina!

That's all for now. I'll try to apply these wonderful techniques in another drawings. I still have some time to try making the cards for Valentine's day. Here in Brazil, it will be only in June! :-) Sorry for my mistakes trying to write in English! 


Ve Le Sage

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