Funny Monkeys Conversational Patterns

Funny Monkeys Conversational Patterns - student project

The project for this class was a lot of fun! For my theme I chose tropical elements, I wanted to include monkeys, and to them, I added fruits, toucans, palm trees, and tropical leaves. First, I gathered a lot of photo references, I created the elements using black watercolors and a fine liner brush.

Following along the lessons and practicing the fundamentals, I could achieve different styles of patterns from the initial elements. I'm surprised how versatile conversationals can be and I can imagine them for kidswear, womenswear, and menswear.

Thank you Silvia for this amazing class!




Patterns created by practicing the fundamentals and different repeating systems.


Structured pattern.


Organic pattern.


Mockup photos from Unsplash and from Asos.

Design & Illustration