Fun with singing

Fun with singing - student project

You know that weird thing about singing when you can hit a note just fine when you're relaxed and having fun, but you CANNOT hit it right otherwise ? My project is to work on that. I don't really care about effect, or having a cool distinctive voice, but friends I could use some agility. Or a lot of it.

I have tweaked the song so it covers my challenge areas (going from chest voice to head voice) so it is a bit higher than it should be.

This is what I have so far, and, of course, because I knew I was recording, things went as well as you would expect (breathing ? what's breathing ?) : oh boy

Here's to hoping the "after" recording is all the more encouraging.

I am keeping a positive attitude and also posting this with the "public" option on because the lack of projects on this class makes me a bit twitchy and very very intimidated. All shall bask in my average-ness !

UPDATE : I am having some health issues and while they are pretty benign, the treatment has been affecting my voice BIG TIME. My range has changed (head voice is incredibly challenging these days) and my voice gets tired easily. I'm waiting for the whole thing to stabilize a bit and will pick back up the project then.