For a Wedding Invitation

For a Wedding Invitation - student project


I know this isn't my name — and perhaps it's a bit ambitious — but I wanted to double dip here. My brother is getting married and wants me to letter his invitation. I wanted to try doing a more deliberate script than  my usual naïve handwriting that I use for most of my commercial work.

So, the brief from them was to make it lavender themed, whimsical, flourishy, botanical. It needs to feel beautiful and warm.

I'm already seeing a few things funny with "Things", and some spacing issues. I really wanted to connect that tittle to the horizontal stroke of the T. Apart from that, everything has to fit within a 16:9 box for their website.


I ended up just using analogue media as I always do in my work (which I also teach about here on Skillshare). I hope to do the vectorization part next time.

Even still, I really learned a lot about structuring scripts and getting them to look more refined than my typically naïve approach. My favourite tips were: 1) always have the flourish terminals point back into the type, and 2) have consistent ovals. It was also incredibly helpful to see how the lettering is refined over multiple passes. I do this all the time in my illustrations (start rough and keep refining/tracing), but it never occurred to me to apply this to lettering. I just thought letterers had perfect handwriting the first time!

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