Flower Photo Collage

Flower Photo Collage - student project

When I first watched the videos for this class, I have to admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed!  Working with so many photos seemed daunting.  But, I chose 8 of my own photos and jumped right in.  It wasn't nearly as overwhelming as it first seemed, and I had so much fun creating my collage! 

I made my collage the size of my desktop so I could use it as wallpaper.  I was really thrilled to learn about painting on a mask with grey paint to create a transluscent effect.  I was especially excited to learn how use the clone stamp tool to remove the reflection of myself in the sunglasses!  What a great thing to know how to do! 

I used some of the techniques I learned in the "Text over image effects" class, so I could add my favorite quote to my collage. 

Now that the collage is on my desktop, I see a couple of spots that could use more blending if I were really being a perfectionist...but I'm really pleased with the cheerful design! 

Thanks for another excellent class Helen!  I loved how you talked through your design process.  Even though my design is made of different photos, the techniques were so well presented that I was able to apply them to my own collage.