First time working with a coptic stich

First time working with a coptic stich - student project

Hi there! As written in the title, this is my first time doing a coptic stich. I've made watercolor sketchbooks before (for personal use) but was always scared to dwelve into the stiching world =P

I'm really glad I faced my fears and found this course! It really helped and I'm so please with the final work.

So my goal was: make a personal watercolor sketchbook using two different kinds of paper

_A4 student grade 140lb Canson paper

_ 19 x 24 cm 140lb cold press Canson Montval paper

I made my hardcover with a fabric backing (I made the print using a fake version of a shibori print).


My first attempt at this was folding the papers and making signatures using 3 pages. I wasn't too happy about this.. felt that the sketchbook was too wobly and I made a mistake measuring the thread which came out shorter than it should. Conclusion, I was not happy with it.



So I decided to redo the stiching. I reduced the signature to 2 pages per signature and made sure I measured the correct length of the string....AND SUCCESS!!! 


I think it looks much better and neat, the cover closes nicely.

PS. Working with really long threads is a pain and many times they'd tangle. Your tip on checking the thread as you pull it is great but on the 7th signature I'd loose focus and would have to undo a knot =P

PPS. I dont have beeswax over here in Brazil (i think, i could be mistaken), so I used candlewax instead. Not sure if that helps or makes it worst. Only time will tell if I've screwed up.


Thanks for the great class!! looking forward to make more notebooks and sketchbooks. They don't seem scary to make anymore.

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