First Arrangement

First Arrangement - student project

First of all, flower arranging is no joke! It was actually almost stressful in the beginning since I had no idea what I was doing and almost gave up halfway when it was looking like a total mess.. But in the end, I think everything turned out okay!

This class was very helpful. I have been interested in doing floral arrangements for a while now. I have been taking different online courses and there are just so many different techniques and "rules" in floristry. But this was the class that assured me, it isn't always about symmetry and trying to make every bit perfect. Its more so about balance and how everything transitions and relates to another.

So onto my arrangement, I tried to buy the flowers that were similar to yours in the video since that seemed easier to start with. But I wasn't able to find any peonies since it isn't the correct season so I had to use artificial peonies. It was hard to also get colors closer to that dark magenta but still worked by trying to include the ranunculus as transition pieces since they were smaller in size. Used the stocks as the lighter pink to transition into with the spray roses as some filler and to bring in some light onto the darker side. I do think adding grass like you've mentioned would've helped with it looking more etherial and maybe keep some negative space, I feel like it is a bit tight, maybe could've been a bit more loose.

I am glad I just took the first step into making an arrangement, and now all I have to do is practice! Seeing the result at the end made me realize it really doesn't always look great until you put in all of the flowers. Thank you Putnam's! :) And I do hope there will be future classes on Skillshare!