Finished Garment

Finished Garment - student project

Hi everyone,

  I wanted to share my finished dress with you all. I love the way it turned out! I am so proud of myself. This is my first time draping, creating my own pattern, using muslin and fitting it to my mannequin. I am so very excited and happy! I learned a lot in this course. Now I have the neccessary information to create my own patterns and make my own dress designs. I can definitely say that I will be creating more dresses using this course!

I'll be going on vacation soon to DR so I will probably wear this on the resort/beach or on a date night!

Thank you very much Anya & Skillshare!

Here are pictures of the finished dress & me wearing my dress!!! Yayyy!! 



Projec Update #2

In the process of putting it all together... excited about how it's coming along.

Project Update # 1:

Hi Everyone,

  Just wanted to give an update. I am very new to this and I was so nervous...LOL!! but I did completed the draping/pattern of the dress. I saw a few fabrics that I really like, just now have to decide on which one I really like. As Anya would say: I have to make the fabric speak to me....I am excited to see how it turns out. Hopefully, it will be done by next week.


Hi everyone,

  Let me start of my saying... My name is Tan and I am a fabricaholic... LOL!! I loveeee fabric! I am pretty new to sewing and it is such an exciting thing. I'm a mom of three so sewing is very relaxing for me but at time stressful when my 2 yr old gets into everything...smh! What's funny is that she would grab the scrap fabric and pretend to sew...Awww!!  I'm very excited to take this course and to meet you all. 

So here's a pic of the project I'm thinking of doing. I'm not good at sketching so please excuse the messy drawing. I am thinking of making this dress have a summer/beach feel to it. I drew a few other designs, so I'm not sure which one I'll be going with. I am getting married next year on the beach so this would be really cool to wear around the resort. 

I am hoping to learn a lot from this course and from you guys. I would like to challenge myself to make my wedding reception dress so I know this course will definitely come in handy.

Happy Sewing!