Finding and exploring my world of colours

Finding and exploring my world of colours - student project

So exciting to start. I had chosen which sketchbook and paints to start with, and I really was excited to start, but it got a bit overwhelming ;)

Instead I took out a supplementary cheaper sketch book and some cheaper poster paint goache, that I have bought earlier :)


It felt like a good start, and I could find the primary colours I needed. The paint itself was quite OK and blendable.


Strengthened by this I after a day or so, ;)), reached out and grabbed the original sketch books and Reeves gouache paint that I had planned to use from the beginning.

The paint fluency was clearly different, and it felt really good to use.


NOW, the exciting opportunity of tints and shades had come!! I choose to combine all tints and all shades on the same fold up. I was a little bit disappointed, that the five tube set I had bought (Reeves) did not contain any primary colours. Still it was fascinating to explore, and very beautiful.

And the colours will be good to have in future colour blendings... 

And I will get another set of primaries, Reeves or other...





It was really fun to sit with the paint and discover which colors that was appearing when mixing so small amounts of paint. With the Jovi gouache, I was happy to see so nice bright colors, almost like water color. The paint was sort of medium dense.


I had been concerned by not having any primary blue, but this turned into joy seeing the full green-blue-purple colors appearing when mixing green and blue, as well as blue and red. Like a palette just waiting for the autumn to come.



This really is a exploration with a strong physical connection.

Placing these next to each other, not only makes up an intellectual comparison but also generate sensations and reflections. 

I reflect on using only the left column, and what appears then.

And then on using only the right column, and a quite different appearance comes up.

Actually using all of them, with different closeness to each other, feels most appealing. Playing with having similar colors close to each other, or dispersed throughout an image to generate a balancing fuller overall effect.




I have dived into complementary greys, and realize that this is really tricky! It is exciting to see how the color can change like magic, from one distinct color to another. But is so hard for me to see, or rather to catch, the complementary grey as it appears.


 First I got too insecure and chose too late (as in this Reeves attempt.




Then I got rushed and decided too early (as with these two Lukas paint attempts).


OK, I will go on struggling, because I really long for the later sessions with the amazing combination of greys that will come - especially the one with greys combined with a bright color :))