Favorite Art Supplies Repeating Pattern

Favorite Art Supplies Repeating Pattern - student project

Here's my watercolor seamless repeating pattern! I'm constantly surrounded by my favorite art supplies, so what better way to pay tribute to them than by creating waterdoodles of them, vectorizing them, and creating fun seamless repeating patterns with them.

1. Brainstorm

When thinking of items to draw for my motifs, I wanted the project to reflect my favorite tools. So, I reached into my pen bag, my desk drawer, and the cup of pens and paintbrushes by my desk. I wanted to make sure to capture at least:

  • Micron pen
  • Paintbrush
  • Water brush
  • Copic pen
  • Bamboo stylus

2. Drawing

I drew directly on my watercolor paper with my favorite Copic 03 pen.

3. Next, I filled in my drawings with watercolor, sticking with 3 colors only: orange, pink and purple.

4. Here are my vectorized items

5. Here's my first pattern

6. And my second pattern

7. And here are both patterns mocked up as iPhone cases!

I had a ton of fun with this project and hope you do too!

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