Face in dynamic frontal pose 1

Face in dynamic frontal pose 1 - student project

Face in dynamic frontal pose 1 - image 1 - student projectI thoroughly enjoyed this class. The intro on dynamic lines really helped clarify what had been so "off" about previous sketches I had attempted. Most resources either make iconography totally mathematical and complex or completely avoid the drawing stage by resorting to transfer. Julia really struck a good balance, offering loose guidelines that maintain the rhythm and consistency of Byzantine icons. 

I still need a lot of practice. My hair looks off. So do the ears. Among other things. Even though I need to practice my lines a lot and won't be producing a finished icon anytime soon, this is BY FAR the best online resource for learning practical iconography skills -- especially that does not resort to carbon transfers as a base. I can't wait to see what else Julia produces! Maybe eventually even the painting stages? Thank you for sharing your knowledge of this craft!!