Exploring greater depths...

Exploring greater depths... - student project

Great project - I hope I got the gist of it right...

Most websites seem to have responsive designs these days (which is great)... however I came across a recently updated dive site which is really one of the better looking dive sites around (I mean locally) but unfortunately not responsive! Here goes...

First screen shot (unresponsive) - 

Using your Skillshare grid - for Desktop:  


And Mobile:

Few notes:  I didn't have time to retype everything (especially the footer section which is quite wordy) so the options would be to display fewer links perhaps? or highlight Headings more with a drop-down menu? I used a button-style format for the mobile... I'd also reduce the 4-column content section more to about 3 or 4 lines of text throughout (keep it uniform)...Also the overall background is mean't to be black (not sure it comes across that way...)

So yeah - my first attempt at this....  Thanks for a great class! Look forward to your feedback :)