Examples from the Course

Examples from the Course - student project

Examples from the Course - image 1 - student project

This is the A La Kart card design as of the final video lesson in this course. Notable features for students of InDesign:

  • The card effect text uses a paragraph style that automatically replaces keywords like xtrophyx with a custom trophy dingbat.
  • The sprites in the top right corner do not actually have a stroke. Instead, they're a 1pt outer glow set to 100% opacity, normal blend, maximum hardness. This effectively makes a stroke that adapts to the shape of any image on a transparent background, or disappears if there is nothing in that image frame.
  • The text background raises and lowers automatically based on the amount of text on the card. The text background is a variable image, color-coded to the type of effect noted on the card.

Examples from the Course - image 2 - student project

Here's a more complex example expanding on the basic elements you'll learn in the course. Here, the card effect paragraph style has several different GREP/Character styles:

  • A style that turns any instance of "Antonia, the Shredder" into italics.
  • A style that turns any instance of xatkx into a red sword dingbat.
  • A style that turns any instance of xdefx into a blue shield dingbat.

In addition, the "overlapping" art style is thanks to the source art being on a transparent background. This allows the art to be positioned on a layer of its own in front of the certain card frame elements like the header and sidebar, but still behind critical text like the card name or card effect frame.

Daniel Solis

Art Director by Day, Game Designer by Night