Example Patterns

Example Patterns - student project

Hello everyone! Here are some examples of my favorite illustrations that feature patterns.

First up is a repeating pattern based on the online game Blaseball. The team is called "Infinite Tacos" so I incorporated elements from the team's lore, including tacos, "EAT," and the catchphrase "72 degrees and infinite."

It's an expanded form of the simple swatch I put together:

And finally, here's the final illustration, featuring one of the team's players, a character called "Pitching Machine."

Secondly, here's a close-up version of one of the illustrations featured in the video. I'm a huge fan of the anime Soul Eater. The guy on the right wearing the hat is named "Soul," and he wears an accessory that says "Soul" and "Eat." That was my inspiration for this pattern:

If you look closely, you can even spot this art on the card in the background of the first lesson in this class!

Happy pattern-making everyone. :)

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