Enhance Website

Enhance Website - student project

HI - I am a freelance creative who has been in operation for a couple of years. I would also describe myself as self employed and a small business owner. I am keen to learn more about how to drive more customers towards my services, and how to offer more services. I concentrate mainly on local small business owners and many of my clients are women, mothers and also creatives. I have been using Skillshare to learn how to market myself, which In time I hope to offer this experience as a service to my clients. I have been designing websites for clients using Squarespace working on the theory that many of us creatives don't have time to spend on the technical side of technology and many other creatives are more interested in concentrating on creating ceramics, quilts, art, and gardens than social media posts. I have realised that just creating a website is not enough and many creative people also can't spare the time to write blogs, schedule blog posts or come up with creative ways to promote themselves on a day to day or week to week basis. so I'm looking at using my creative skills to provide digital marketing services also.

My website is currently undergoing review so that I can target my chosen audience more carefully. I have been using the skillshare lessons to try an perfect the website and its purpose.