EllieP's displacement fun

EllieP's displacement fun - student project

I found the clouds and fibres and then for the circle one decided to use my random repeating squares pattern I did with the brush I made after another of your classes. I never did keep to the brief here, so I also criss-crossed two vertical line ones after displacing them both with clouds - using two different shades, and also added a gradient to the squares one. Just because I could!! I see the displacement figures I used could have been improved on the squares one, as it is pretty blurry now. But what fun.

My trouble is remembering all the techniques you teach, especially the illustrator ones - I've virtually given up on them for now as I don't use it enough to remember how :( Anyway, what I've done here could be really useful for filling in clothes (see last image - though it's not what I am actually doing in this one! - and artefacts on an image so I'll probably remember how and use it more frequently.

But for now, this is it - because I'm using it as a displacement activity *ROFL*

EllieP's displacement fun - image 1 - student project

EllieP's displacement fun - image 2 - student project