EllieP is winning out!

EllieP is winning out! - student project

Just got the first stage done/won! Am getting the hang of it better than last time we did edges in the appearance panel.

And now stage two. Keeping to the theme of the awards! Sorry I'm being so garish. Must be because my trigger finger is in pain after so much mouse work. (Everywhere, not just here.)

This is a bit cumbersome but it's done. I found that when I shrank the size of the main circle, I had to readjust all over again those flipping dots!! This looks a bit more like a coaster than an award but never mind. One to go?

And the final one proved hard to take control of. At one point I had beautiful little cut-out circles and an outer glow. But the next new stroke simply wouldn't stop renewing gaussian blurs all the time like a madman, so in the end I started again and didn't add the glow. BUT - then I couldn't make the cut-outs the right size to be circles not show as semi-circles. I gave up and went with this! I may fiddle later by adding the glow last.