EllieP gets in a tangle

EllieP gets in a tangle - student project

Well, I've managed the first two bits now that I can get the hearts to join up and also use the smaller one for a start point. So this is a progress report really and I'll see what I can manage next!

And now I've done the rest of the course. You have to guess what this is!!

I'm going to invent one tomorrow. I have all the tangle patterns here anyway so I'll have a think which ones I like and see what I can manage to do similar for in Ai. Another good and useful class, thanks!


I made up two myself.

This has to stop somewhere! Maybe when I've found out or remembered what the tints and tones (or whatever) option does. But have been playing for a while after dinner. The line one is based on Echo, and is not accurately done for spacingbut the other came out of my head as maybe something that could be coloured in some way. It needs and end finial or something!