Ellie P shades her pumpkin

Ellie P shades her pumpkin - student project

I used my own sketch and therefore had to organise keeping the paint within the lines, but I'm used to that :)

I didn't add a texture because I spend all day adding textures to things, but used a KyleTWebster Claude brush to make an interesting pumpkin peel/skin/shell/whatever you call it!

Funnily enough, I had only yesterday in the morning (before you published this) found a way to do dodge and burn without the PS tools - same as you with the 50% grey layer (set to overlay) but using a soft 20-40% brush in black or white instead of the dodge and burn tools. So I did it that way to practise.

Anyway, I think it's improved the pumpkin, and so I added it to the girl too for a bit of form/modelling, which is not how I normally would have done it. So thanks for reinforcing what I just was learning, with a nice task!

This is before the shading:

And this is after: