Easy Vegetarian Thai Green Curry

Easy Vegetarian Thai Green Curry - student project

My food blog, Tastemaker Blog, focuses on cooking with seasonal ingredients and that cooking can be a joy, not a chore. I find ways to cook easy, seasonal recipes with ingredients anyone can find in their local grocery store. 

My content is an easy recipe for Vegetarian Thai Green Curry that only takes 20 minutes. 

I searched for keywords that my audience may use that would be an answer to their questions. Like Easy Thai ____ or Vegetarian Thai______ or Green Curry_______ to see what was commonly used and what google suggests.

I settled on Easy Thai Green Curry for my title because my target audience needs easy, quick recipes, and my business objective is to provide my readers with simple recipes that also educate them about new cooking techniques or interesting recipes that may be totally new to them. 

My strategy, since I'm fairly new to blogging, is to create a following by frequenting blogs similar to mine, and providing thoughtful feedback in the comments, where there is always a place to leave your website. Bloggers emphasize community heavily, and with enough thoughtful comments, these links back to my page will help my domain's ranking. In addition, I made sure to include my keyword in my title and all other common search terms surrounding Thai Green Curry such as "easy Thai Green curry" or "vegetarian thai curry" are also included in the body of my post without "stuffing." 

The most important thing is that my reader is asking where to find a recipe like Thai Green Curry and finds that within the post, and that it is also easy. So my content has all of these factors. 

I noticed that many Thai Green Curry search results had a bad photographs, unappealing imagery. This is where I am trying to make not only my recipes better, but my photographs better than the #1 recipe. 

Overall, I do think that getting other bloggers to link back to my recipes will be valuable for my site and help my overall ranking and SEO performance, so this is a major objective for me.


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