Donovans Perspective Project

Donovans Perspective Project - student project

First, i want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Matt for creating this perspective class. I really had no clue when it came to perspective and now i at least understand the basics a bit more. So thanks! I am uploading just my one point perspective shot for now, there is probably quite a bit that i did wrong so please let me know if you see some things that could be done better!! I did a VERY quick tone over with grey just to get a basic idea down for coloring. 

Tomorrow i am planning on sketching up a 2 point perspective.

Have fun everyone!

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Okay, so this ended up being 3 point perpective instead of 2, although that third VP is WAY WAY up there so its not that noticeable. There is still quite a bit more that needs to be done on this, but i got it done enough that i think i can get another picture done and then decide on the one i will take to finish.

I do have a question about this picture though, is it just me or does the character in the foreground seem to be too low? I realize that the horizon line is suppose to pass through most people at the same spot, but that only applies to people who are all grounded with there feet on the floor right? She is suppose to be on something like a bicycle/moped so i am wondering if there is a good way to figure out things like where the horizon line should pass through someone that is in a unique pose/situation (e.g. Jumping, sitting), or is it mostly just done by eye and with what 'looks' right?. Thoughts? Thanks.


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Okay guys, i tried a different approach for this sketch. One thing that really kills me is how long it takes me to actually get my sketch done, i find that i just dont know how objects look so i am CONTINUALLY finding more and more references and this, well, takes time. Matt, you told us to take around 1-2 hours on the sketch and i found it was really hard to keep to that, i ended up taking way more time than i should have. Which brings me to this picture, i decided i was going to force myself to get something done in 1 hour. As you can see, i REALLY had to sacrifice line quality and details just to get it done in time. Anyways, just trying to explain why it looks really messy. It is suppose to be somehwere like a construction site. If anyone see's anything wrong with the perspective go ahead and let me know, i'd appreciate it.

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Well, i really tried to keep this one under 2 hours, but i ran into quite a few problems along the way so it took more like 3. Unfortunately i didnt have time to finish all the details i wanted too, so alot of the interior of the Metro train is empty. :( There are probably a number of things i did wrong so please feel free to point out anything you see. Those overhead lights seem to be a little off, i think there is something wrong with their width as well as the spacing.

Added some details. 

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New Sketch. Suppose to be some type of alley. I used a couple different references from google. Let me know what you guys think. The right building is a little baren looking, i will add some windows or something to it later.

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3 point. Limited myself to doing as much as possible in an hour. Missing some details, especially in the closer buildings but this is all i could crank out in an hour. As always critiques welcome.

Updated: I added a character to give a better sense of scale, plus i think it gives the scene a bit more 'life'.

Update 3: Changed the buildings a little, updated the character and added some idea of what i want the lighting to be like. I think this is about as far as i should take it for the sketch phase.

 Any critiques and/or tips about lighting are most welcome. Critiques about the perspective are, of course, welcome too. Thanks guys! 

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Another practice sketch. I'm actually really liking the direction this one is going. Although i do have some issues with my anatomy for my character which i just cant seem to get right. -sigh-  Anyways the goal for this picture was to show someone barely making it to the train station in time. Comments and/or critiques are, as always, welcome. Oh, while i'm at it, i was wondering if you guys have any tips/recommendation on how to draw 'chain link fences'. The 'chain' part is what im really wondering about. I dont see drawing each individual link as being a valid option so i was wondering how you would go about it? Do you use a brush, or is there a trick to doing it quickly? Thanks guys!

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I may have bit off more than i can chew with this picture, i almost gave up several times because i couldnt get those stairs done properly. But i think i got something decent now at least, so im glad i stuck to it! The goal for this picture was i wanted to have an unrealistically high building that was towering over a city beneath it. Although i may have made the building a little too high, it seems more like we are looking off the side of a ship than a building if you ask me. I was hoping to try out Matt's style of painting very low detailed city scape for the city below and see how that turned out so we'll see. I also should mention that i have not completed the railing yet, and i will probably still add some details to that rather blank looking wall as well. But let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


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Okaaay. So i decided to try and redraw my train illustration from 2 pictures back, this time taking into consideration the advice from Matts helpful critique.

The setting for the illustration is the train, but in my last attempt, much of the train wasn't even visible. So to fix this i moved the horizon line up higher and had more of the frame be filled with the inside of the train, which i definitely think looks better. I dont have any characters added in yet as you can probably see. I am planning on adding people but figured i would upload just the train by itself and get a critique on that before i move forward. This will probably be my picture i choose to take to finish (with color and everything) so figured i should get it as best as it can be. 

Matt i do have a question about where the indicator lights on a train go. My knowledge of trains is not that vast so pretty much everything you see here is because of references. But i am wondering where the indicator lights you mentioned would go. I looked all over my photo references for the some type of indicator lights but i am either missing them or they arent on those trains haha. So a little help there would be nice. 


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Okay...finally got back around to doing something with this picture. Taking Matts advice i tried to make it clear she is out of breath, which...i think i managed to pull it off, but probably best to have a second opinion. I added some characters to the train as well as her shoe about midway between the door and her, i guess the point with that is that in her rush she tripped and her shoe came off.

I have some anatomy issues to work out i think. Also, the guy at the first i thought he was adding to the composition, now i think he might be taking away from it, i think he also might be off perspective wise. What do you think, would it look better without him?

Allright guys, critique away please. I'm sure there is plenty of problems. :)

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Adjusted the characters scale a bit, although i may have made the main girl too big? What do you think? I looked at my reference images again, and i guess i missed the horizontal bars you mentioned while i was drawing. I tried to add them in here, they are supposed to be to parellel bars that are running directly down the middle and are attached to a beam that is also running down the middle. Not sure if that is clear from the picture or not.

Anyways let me know what you guys think, and thanks!