Does this make me look like a boy?

Does this make me look like a boy? - student project

Here's the start of my project. Playing around with body shapes and face details (or lack of). I just cut my hair super short, and felt the character kept looking too boyish. Tossed on some eyelashes and voila! Small miracles. I think the face on the bottom with the shaded hair is my favorite. Still want to play with the body more.

Managed to crawl out of bed and switched to the computer. Some more sketched playing with the body and outfit. Also, some sketches of my dogs because they kind of took over my life. The make silly, silly faces.

Finally finished my turn-around. I liked the general body shape of the previous sketches, and decided to go with a more simplified and clean version. I figured it would also be easier to draw, and I wanted something I could work quickly with. I also had to throw in some color, because I just love it so much.

Got some feedback and fixed some perspective issues. Typically I'd just replace the image, but since this is a project thought I might as well keep both up.