Do Not Mess with Bear

Do Not Mess with Bear - student project

Sunshine Bear was  really a great project from start to finish.

Such simple materials and easy to follow step by step.

I love showing how to make lighting effects with watercolors and acrylics. The glasses say it all. Shine Shine Shine!!!

You can do 5 t0 10 minutes a day or do it all at once on a Saturday night. I took my time with this one and did it in stages. Three colors was all I used and a few brushes. The Big Picasso Brush is from the local hardware store and cost about $8.

Scotch Tape will work in this project but the Green Painters Tape is best as it's not so sticky. We use the tape as a mask for the lighting effect on the glasses. If your careful you can get away without using the tape,

No Photo Shop was used for the glasses,  it really is just paint. A great effect for any reflective surface.

Good luck learning the SHINE / Ron

Artist / Art Teacher