Discovering Gouache

Discovering Gouache - student project

A few years ago, I bought a set of gouache paints. When I saw the "Getting Giddy with Gouache" challenge, it felt like the perfect oppotunity to get to know this new medium. (And yes, I've watched both this and the Gouache Florals class and started working on the projects simulateously, because, ah... well. I'm not really good at focusing on just one thing. ^^; )

I've watched the class all the way through and mapped out all the exercises in my sketchbook. This class is absolutely fantastic, btw. It's like a whole introductory semester in art school (or at least, what it should be). It's a lot of work, but I've only just started working my way through the exercises and I've already learned so much. Thank you, Marielle!!! (Now, my only problem with the class is: I want to do everything in watercolours, too. Right now. I have to concentrate real hard on using my gouache paints and keep my hands from straying to my watercolours palette. ;D)

First thing I did, which wasn't in the class, but ... swatches!

I'm in love with these colours!

Then, collecting tints and shades! It's soooooo much harder than it looks. Also, coming from watercolours, the whole mixing with black and white thing is really taking some getting used to. ^^;

And then, because this exercise was just so hard and time consuming (and because I had all this white and black on my palette), I started on the monochrome b/w sketch. I know it was supposed to be all abstract, but I followed the promt "strand" and my brain and hand just kind of went "hair!" ... and I thought, Marielle doesn't seem like the kind of teacher who'd be mad, if you followed where your inspiration takes you. :)

What really surprised me was, that black (with just water, not white gouache) makes a totally different range of greys from when it is mixed with white! This effectively doubles the colour options you get from just these two colours. I'm still pretty much awestruck.

I'm definitely not done noodling with this one (painting in those "strands" is just too much fun). :)

Aaaaand, this is it for now. I will keep adding my progress, as I go along. :) (Which I hope is possible? This is the first time I'm uploading a skillshare project.)