Decoupage Tray

Decoupage Tray - student project

I really enjoyed this class!  Colo Alonso is a lovely teacher.  I started with a tray that I purchased at a craft store.  Sorry I forgot to take a photo of it before I painted it - but here it is with 1 coat of white paint. 

I designed and printed my paper using Adobe Illustrator and my home printer (Epson R2000)  Then I followed the techniques described in the class to make the decoupage.  I used "Mod Podge" rather than carpenter's glue, but the technique was the same.   

I was really happy with how it turned out!  After drying, I had a few tiny bubbles in the glue on the bottom of the tray but they are just incidental.  When the tray is filled with items, the bubbles aren't noticable at all. 

Here is the tray in use!  I love how it keeps my stuff organized next to my chair! 

This was a great class - I have lots of Mod Podge left over and now every empty surface in my house had better beware!!!