Creating a themed collection !

Creating a themed collection ! - student project

I started this fun project from the idea of ‘annonymous artist - Banksy, Sia, Daftpunk’ then I realise Sia is not the 100% anonymous as I meant, so turned around to seek the other ideas.

Later the ‘anonymous artist’ - brought the idea to bit weird artist which is Andy Warhol for me.
then I could get to Andy Warhol and his talented and crazy friends in the same era.

Basically, I picked 3 of colour palette - pink yellow blue to look modern and fun.
And I used the three colours that are made a bit darker and lighter for the background decorations.

I tried to put the features of the person in the little square. First, for the Jean Basquiat, I draw one of his work on the background and I draw him as emphasising his gorgeous hairs.
Second, for the Andy Warhol, I draw 2 of different looking of his feature and I tried to arrange the two characters to remind the pop art which represents Andy Warhol.
Last, for the beautiful Edie Sedgwick, I draw her trademark, eye make-up with massive earrings. I didn't try to draw anything else next to her because I think the looking and positive attitude that I try to move in her eyes that are looking far away is pure herself !

I pick a simple colour of the typeface for a title since the other elements are already colourful.

it was a very fun project, I really enjoyed the whole process of this !

i am very welcome to have any feedback on my work !

thank you ! :)





Creating a themed collection ! - image 1 - student project