Courage/Ampersand Challenge

Courage/Ampersand Challenge - student project

Continuing on with lettering in different styles, I've gotten around to trying out a couple of simple options just to experiment:

I was trying to replicate some of the old italian scripts found in Louise Fili's Scripts.

This was a simple variation of a sans serif


I decided to give this ampersand challenge a try! I was sketching a couple of options and really wanted to take a more illustrative approach and the solar system seemed like a fun option!

Final sketch:

Finished piece:




March 14:

First attempt at vectorizing this sketch. I want to step away from it for a while and come back with fresh eyes for more detailing later. I would love some feedback on this! At first glance the "o" somehow seems a bit off to me but I can't figure out if there's something off about it. Thoughts?

March 5, 2014:

I began watching all the video segments when the class first opened and got to practice some vector work but today I finally got around to some sketching. I chose to start with a simple script to really feel out the word composition. I did about two pages of loose sketches before getting down to a good comp.

designer and letterer