Collage - An Artist's Journey

Collage - An Artist's Journey - student project

Painting The Tissue

I'm only posting the results since photos of my painting the color families would be boring. I folded the torn strips so you can see the differences between the back and the front of the tissue. I did not have the garbage bags recommended but recycled plastic shopping bags.

The Blue Family

Then as I was cleaning up the paint in my porcelain tray I realized there was a lot of paint so I experimented by simply painting scraps of tissue that would not fit on my shopping bags. I wrapped a plexiglass board with plastic wrap, placed the tissue then painted with the watery mixture. Here are the results:

The first one is the front. The second is the back that was against the plastic wrap. (It was the end of the roll so it was quite wrinkled. I think that created far more texture than if it were from a fresh roll of wrap.)

The Orange Family

OK, Doris, I may learn to love orange, now that you've taught me to soften it, tone it down, and explore the color more deeply. Yes, just like Xmas morning I couldn't wait to see what the tissues revealed. I relaxed more while mixing and applying the paint. I tend to be a bit stingy in using my art supplies; that translates into very stiff results. I'm enjoying the journey more and more as I practice.

So here are the results:

Not sure about that rather intense pumpkin orange. I reserve judgement until I place small pieces near the complementary blue and see how well they play together. :)

With the additions of the white, then black, then white, then eyes opened to the possibilities for a landscape collage.

Up next I share experiments with the left over paint. (Remember: I'm a bit stingy with my art supplies so rather than simply washing away remnants, I continued the exercise with experimentation.)

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