Colazione all'italiana

Colazione all'italiana - student project

Hi Silvia!

Thank you for this class. I am really enjoying it and thank you for all the prompts for possible pattern and for showing how to take inspiration from our life. It's something I hear all the time but for some reason I always struggle with that. Seeing how you do it unblocked me, so that's huge for me!

My initial idea was to illustrate breakfast, because it's a meal I enjoy so much. When I started jotting down a list of elements I realized I could be more specific, and focus on Italian breakfast. I am Italian but I have been abroad for the last few years, and I particularly miss home nowadays, so this project really comes from my heart.

Here are my sketches. I even wrote the name of things in Italian. Since my husband is Greek we speak English between us, and I don't get to speak Italian a lot anymore. Writing these words in my language felt particularly special.


And here are the sketches inked. I inked them digitally. I would like to know if you have any suggestion on things to add/change before I move on with the pattern making!


My first patterns practicing the fundamentals:


...I wasn't completely happy with my drawings so I redraw some things, changed the size of some items and added some more.


Then I created some more simple patterns:


And the structured and organic patterns:


Some colorways:


Here are my cads:


Thank you for the class, Silvia. It was not only packed with information but also super well produced!