Chinatown - student project

Photography to me is just people watching that I can take home. My goal is always to observe individuals in their natural flow, and then capture their image without disturbing it. In order to do so, as Benjamin previously stated, I have to get them to trust me. So for my project I set out to Chinatown in San Francisco, California. Let me just start off by saying, as an 18 year old blonde boy waving around a huge DSLR in Chinatown, it was a little difficult to get my subjects to trust me. It took a lot of warming up and feeling out the area before I was able to start getting my shots. I began by walking around without my camera visible for a short time, talking to people on the street, and attempting to establish a relationship before I began shooting. Even with this preperation, there were a few instances where my subjects were not too excited about having a camera in their face. I've included some of those images, along with the friendlier shots, in order to show my progression throughout Chinatown. At the end of the day, I feel that I was able to capture the essence of Chinatown and those who occupy it without disturbing anyone too much.