Cheryl's Day of Design & Fun Stuff

Cheryl's Day of Design & Fun Stuff - student project

Hi everyone, I'm quite late to this class but I'm hoping to catch up!

I'm a recent grad of Emily Carr University, and my days since graduating have been quite varied, so I decided to create symbols for what a typical school day was like for me. 

1. Wake up, snooze and try to sleep as long as possible.

2. Check my phone for messages, emails, check my calendar of what needs to be done today.

3. Get ready, get dressed.

4. Eat breakfast.

5. While I eat my breakfast, I try to catch the 'Morning Smile' a segment of the morning news on TV, which shows funny/cute videos, usually of animals. It's the best part of the news :)

6. I walk to the train, and take both the train and bus to get to school.

7. Arrive at school.

8. Class & critiques. Learning from the teacher, learning from peers.

9. Lunch time! I look forward to eating because I'm usually starving at this point.

10. I usually get to see my boyfriend at school at this time too!

11. After lunch, I usually have group meetings, or meetings with a project manager, discussing our grad project, things to work on, concerns, our timeline, etc.

12. Then I like to get some work done on my laptop.

13. Towards the evening, I take the bus back downtown.

14. After a long day of design and staring at the screen, it's always lots of fun to dance! I take a beginner's hip hop dance class.

15. I'll head home and have dinner.

16. Usually watch some TV while having dinner.

17. Shower.

18. Work/planning out my next day.

19. Call sunny before I...

20. Head to bed. 

Here are where my icons are so far. I haven't completed all of them yet, and I would still like to create alternate icons for some of them, but I would love any feedback!

And I like this icon the most so far :)


October 7, 2013 / Full set of 20 Symbols

Hey everyone! Sorry this took me forever to finish. But here's my full set of 20 symbols. I decided to change the symbol I had of my school to a backpack as it was easier to understand and recognize. I also decided to change the fifth symbol from 'morning smile' to my dog, Charlie, as I always like to play with him in the morning. As always, I'd love your thoughts and feedback, cheers!

And as Bonnie suggested in the comments below, I created a few more symbols of the people in my life, just for fun :)

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