Character Development

Character Development - student project


- Name: Thorne

- Age: 35

- Purpose: Warrior/Guardian Of Solatera

- Personality Traits: Strong willed/stubborn, loyal, intimidating, prone to melencholy, self denying, caring

- Goals: Continue her job as a guardian of Solatera as well as pursuing her job as a warrior warleader of her warband to carry out dangerous jobs from the 'Blue bloods'. Help the bard.

- Motivation: Guarding the innocent, helping her warband recover from past wounds

- Fear: Faulty leadership, losing her men

- Flaws: stubborn, self sacrificing, feels unworthy, self punishing

- Present tense?

-Past tense?

- Interests: Individuals, healing, weapons and horses

- Quirks: (Are responses from Anxiety quirks? Very protective of her warband individuals)

- Love: Thwarted through family drama, now platonically loves her warriors, none in particular ;) 

- Hope: All out

- Identity: Warrior Leader, ferocious champion

- Perspective: Focused, internalized anger and unhealed hurt stuffed down deep giving way to idealized wishes to help others. 

- Relationships: diverse relationships with all manner of being across the nations. Close relationships with each of her warriors, and now the bard too. 

- Language: TBC

- Breaking points: Loss